The Great Journeys Advantage

Due to our amazing location at The Village in Brentwood, Great Journeys Learning Center is able to partner with some absolutely amazing local businesses, allowing our children the opportunities to learn directly from industry leaders. By partnering with our neighbours in the facility, our children are able to experience professional developed classes without ever having to leave the building!

Our Partners


Harmony Music School

Offering music education programs, students at Great Journeys Learning Center will be able to work with one of Calgary's most influential and trusted music schools. Harmony Music School works with our students, teaching them to love every aspect of music, including hearing, seeing and trying a large variety of instuments, and guiding them on a path of enhanced early musical understandings!


Turner Dance Works

Turner Dance Works will work with the students of Great Journeys, helping our students find their personal rhythm and beat to every day life! With a studio located directly under our classrooms, the students will learn to have a good solid foundation, while encouraging them to explore the boundaries of movement and their own passion for dance! Turner Dance Works is know for their positive, encouraging and non-threatening atmosphere, allowing the students to have the best chance to grow and explore!


Friendship Fitness

We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner up with Friendship Fitness. Opening their first studio space at The Village, Great Journeys Students will have an amazing opportunity to understand their own personal space and power, learning how to find calmness through self awareness and movement.


Global Art

In partnering with Global Art, we are able to enhance creativity in our children allowing them to learn, to explore and to discover new ‘frontiers’ of thinking and doing things differently!


Joyful Java

We are excited to announce, that starting in September of 2018, Joyful Java will partner with us in providing optional home-made snacks and lunch choices to our families! Parents will be given a menu for a month, and they will choose days, snacks, and lunches they would like to purchase for their children. Joyful Java will then prepare the selected items and deliver them daily.