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Our philosophy on education is; make it fun, motivational, inspiring and most of all memorable. Look at, listen to, and learn from your students. They are a key to their own education. Use their interests to create their learning environment. Be a positive role model; children emulate what they see. Finally, treat everyone with respect. Life is a great journey, and on any great journey you should start off well equipped. Education, whether acquired in the classroom or out in the world, is one of life's greatest tools, and once acquired, can never be taken away. 


About Our Program

Great Journeys Learning Center offers four programs for preschool, pre-junior kindergarten, pre-junior kindergarten-aged children, as well as a Kindergarten Program.

The Preschool program is for children who are nineteen months to three years old, the Pre-Junior Kindergarten program is for children who are three years old, the Junior Kindergarten program is for children who are four years old, and the Kindergarten program is for children who will be at least five by December 31st of that school year. For the parents' convenience, and continuity for the children, we also provide before and after care, from 6:00 am - 9:00 am and 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. This allows working parents to have peace of mind knowing that their child is in a safe, nurturing environment, with familiar teachers and friends, throughout the day.

Our teachers utilize Reggio and Montessori Methods to create captivating centres and events, based on our children's interests. This creates curiosity, a love of learning, great self-confidence, and a respect for others and themselves, and in turn establishes an atmosphere in which social, emotional, environmental and academic development takes place daily. Our programs offer nurturing environments and knowledgeable, caring teachers to enable each child to develop a well-rounded personality and mind.

The ability to learn through play, exploration and experience is inherent in children. Our programs are designed to meet children’s developmental needs by providing a variety of opportunities for play with a balance between child-initiated and staff-directed activities.

We provide a secure, nurturing environment with a varied selection of materials that both stimulate and facilitate play. By staff employing active listening skills and taking a genuine interest in answering student questions, we promote the enthusiasm and interest of the children.

In order to accommodate the diverse needs of our students, we incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and materials. We believe strongly in the implementation of centres as a tool for fostering independence, self-confidence, responsibility, cooperation and constructive work habits in children.

We also believe that a blend of small group, large group, and multi-aged activities, encourages the development of appropriate communication skills and self-confidence. Groups will come together for various actives including, but not limited to, occasional center times, creative play, art projects and sometimes circle time.

The development of a child’s self-esteem is a core component of our school’s philosophy, and is therefore a pivotal point in the planning and execution of the daily activities taking place at GJLC. To promote a sense of belonging and to create a climate of social and economic equality, we ask that all children attending Great Journeys Learning Center wear our school uniform.


Beliefs and Core Values

Great Journeys Learning Center is founded on three core beliefs: 

  1. The importance of the individual student
  2. The maximization of each child's potential in a fun and thoughtful way.
  3. The necessity for active participation and cooperation of all members of the school and home communities.

The following belief and core value statements also serve to guide decision and policy-making within Great Journeys Learning Center:

  • We believe that all persons deserve to be treated with love, respect and dignity.
  • We believe that children learn best through their own exploration and interests, thus it is up to us to provide those opportunities. 
  • We believe that each person has unique gifts and talents, which in collaboration with others, advances the learning of each student. As a school we have the responsibility to help develop those gifts.
  • We are not just a service provider; we are a community that includes families, students, teachers and staff.
  • We value parents as partners in the education of their children.
  • We believe that parents are given the responsibility for the education of their children and the school works closely with the family to achieve this goal. 
  • We recognize that the parental involvement in the school creates a positive environment that benefits all parties involved.
  • The school works closely with parents in helping the students to learn and solve their school related problems. This includes providing competent teachers, a full and balanced curriculum, regular reporting, supervision of the students and the program, and cooperation with the home. 
  • We believe that excellent achievement takes place in a context of excellent teaching.
                            How Things Grow

                            How Things Grow